Solar Aesthetic Roof

Display level anti-glare technology ,super matte (reduce light reflection , light pollution ) . Internal power generation unit hidden technology , delicate roof texture


630 * 390 mm
1240 * 390 mm


Mono solar cell
Tempered Glass

Wind Loading

Withstand 15th typhoon


25 Years ( pro+/plus+)


3 times as strong as ordinary roof, cement tile. resistant to hail
( 35mm ) impact

Professional construction with ultra long warranty

Roof Truss

PFW Plate

Laminated in factory

  • Antiseptic wood hanging tile
  • Corrugated asphalt waterproof board
  • Polyurethane insulation
  • Counter batten
  • Polypropylene layer

Solar Roof Tiles

Inverter, Grid - Connected electrical box, cable and accessorie

Energy saving

ventilation, heat preservation, energy saving, summer room temperature can be reduced by 5-8 degrees, reduce energy consumption by 10%.


3 times as strong as ordinary roof, resistant to hail (35mm ) impact, resistant to 15 wind uncover.


25 years super long waterproof warranty, roof safety warranty, power generation warranty, three times the national standard. Intelligent assembly: " Lego " assembly, intelligent design, modular production, standardized assembly construction .


ventilated roof to take away moisture, keeps the roof in a dry condition, more healthier.

BIPV products could replaces traditional and bulky solar panels. It can be used in roofs, balconies, skylights, windows and many other parts of the building.

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